Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Van's Party - Part One

Since the Volkswagen logo is blue and white, I went along with that color scheme. We had an assortment of blue and white finger foods, along with hot dogs, for the spread. I chose to do it at a local beach park so the kids would have room to run around.
I ordered the adorable old fashioned popcorn boxes here. However, I later found out that my local Jo-Ann's carries them. I printed the V's out on full sheet labels then cut them to size. The blue and white striped straws were ordered off Etsy.For the "goodie box" I thought it would be fun if each child went home with their own Volkswagen car, bus, or truck. I found these diecast's on Amazon at a fairly decent price. The cute boxes came from The Container Store.
The party was a huge success and I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without the help of friends. Many who donated their time, supplies, or man power. Thanks!


Kate said...

can i hire you to do cal's party on the 26th?! everything looks lovely.

Brittany said...

how delightful! you have some great party decorating ideas! i love it! did van love it too?

ps - are you going to u of utah? why don't you answer my email? i am being super nosey but don't care...i must know!

Sharon said...

AMAZING!!! you truly put on a picture perfect party. the kids all loved it, i'm sure.
Happy Birthday Van!

i {heart} hawkes said...

the pics look great, can't wait to hear the details. is that collette in the pink headband? she's a beauty!

i {heart} hawkes said... that i look at it again, the pink head band girl does not look like the rest of james and tracy's kids. either way, what a doll. i can't see their blog anymore so i don't know what their kids are looking like these days. call you tomorrow.

Cristina said...

simply awesome!

the sutton clan said...

I love the little V logo on the goodie boxes! Totally cute! Beautiful spread you put together, Ashley! You should be a party planner.

marcie b said...

someone get martha stewart on the phone...seriously? what a pretty little gathering. wish i could have been there. how are you? what is this i read about the U? do you have tale to tell?

ps: sorry i missed you last time you were here. my stupid phone was down and i didn't get messages 'til a few days after you had left :( hopefully next time.