Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinwheel Day | March 19th

On March 19th, we joined forces with hundreds of others and celebrated Pinwheel Day. Pinwheel Day was about making someone's heart spin, eyes twinkle, and day burst with joy in honor of my dear friends' little boy Lincoln. Lincoln passed away just nine days before his second birthday and loved to make things spin. He made my heart spin every time I saw him or snuggled him. Because of him and his amazing family I have learned more about God's love for each of us.
As a way to remember Lincoln, I made pinwheels for each one of Van's friends at preschool. The pinwheels were made out of construction paper, pencils, and sewing pins. I used a template to create the wheel and pinned each one down by pushing the pin through the metal casing around the eraser. We had a few extra and shared them with our neighbors. Van and Gus spent the day running around the yard, pinwheels in hand, watching them spin. We love you Linc!
For more information about Lincoln's story and his amazing family, click here and here.

St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Loot . A Festive Breakfast . Green Fashion . Sunday Dinner

March Outings

Wheeler Farm
 Hogle Zoo

 Mulligans Miniature Golf

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kids at Play

Van | Four and a Half

Van, my sweet little babe who made me a mother, is four and a half now. And oh how I love him. He's smart, clever, energetic and fun; a real sweetheart. He has a great love for learning and thoroughly enjoys going to preschool everyday. He loves dressing up, playing super-heros, riding his bike and helping out around the house. Whether it's setting the table, cleaning the windows, or pulling weeds, the boy loves to work. It's been a real delight to see him as an older brother; taking the time to help Gus or even just sit and 'read' to him. He's in the very early stages of learning how to read, which is amazing, and has recently taken an interest in art and drawing.

Gus | Two Years

At two years old, Gus is growing and learning every day. His latest well check visit put him in the 75th percentile across the boards - height: 34.75 inches, weight: 30.5 pounds, and head circumference: 49.5 centimeters. He loves reading books, wearing sunglasses, and copying his brother's every move. Animals continue to stay near and dear to his heart. He knows the difference between a leopard and a cheetah; an orca and a humpback. He's a finicky one and can be very particular and stubborn at times, but enjoys the process of figuring things out on his own. He's learning how to share, how to be patient and how to take turns. He's very polite and always remembers to say please and thank you.