Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Folkmans are Our Fave

One day we'll be neighbors. One day our boys will go to school together.  One day we won't have to play Skype tag. One day we'll vacation together. One day I'll drop in for a cup of flour. One day we'll have date nights. One day I won't have to miss you. But until then, I will.

July Grams

Hogle Zoo . Student Doctor Burnham . Draper Days . Warm Summer Nights . Days of 47 Float Preview

Van's Fifth Birthday

Yep, on July 16th, my baby boy turned five. To celebrate, we did everything a five year old boy would want to do. The day started off with a warm cinnamon bun breakfast, a la mode. Next, an afternoon at Cowabunga Bay with family and friends. Then, to end the night, we had 'big kid' dinner with cupcakes and gifts.

Van | Five Years

Summer Hikes

Rocky Mouth Trail
 Silver Lake
 Bell Canyon Reservoir