Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Update

I've been meaning to get this post up here for two months now. But every time I have a break, I just don't feel like blogging. Right before we moved in early September, I took both boys in for their regular check-ups. Van's four year and Gus' eighteen month. Here are their stats and a little snippet of how they are doing.
Van: Van weighs 33.4 pounds (23%) and is 40.75 inches tall (54%). He has an excitement for learning and never hesitates to ask questions. Right now he's really into fact-based/trivia type books and shows (i.e. Bill Nye the Science Guy). He thoroughly enjoys preschool and has made a lot of new friends. He's quite sociable, gregarious and a friend to all. Within the first couple weeks of school, I had two different parents tell me that their child would like to have a playdate with Van. It was a proud moment for a mom; knowing that other people found him happy to be around. He's a good boy; still trying his best to be obedient, respectful, and responsible. But, overall, a good boy.
Gus: At nineteen months Gus weighed 27.25 pounds (64%) and was 33.5 inches tall (75%). Gus is really growing into a little boy. He's extremely athletic and can kick a soccer ball like you wouldn't believe. Most days he's trying to keep up with his older brother and play like the big boys. He's got the sweetest little face and is always up for a good snuggle. His language has really been taking off the last few months. Here is a list of words I have been compiling: dog, duck, ball, book, mama, dada, soother, water, bowl, uh-oh, wow, mmmm, hi, bear, ow, baby, bubble, woof, shoes, where, uh-uh, no, hello, bye-bye, beep-beep, boot, cereal, meow, 'i want on, off, out, that, this, down'.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012