Saturday, March 23, 2013

Van | Four and a Half

Van, my sweet little babe who made me a mother, is four and a half now. And oh how I love him. He's smart, clever, energetic and fun; a real sweetheart. He has a great love for learning and thoroughly enjoys going to preschool everyday. He loves dressing up, playing super-heros, riding his bike and helping out around the house. Whether it's setting the table, cleaning the windows, or pulling weeds, the boy loves to work. It's been a real delight to see him as an older brother; taking the time to help Gus or even just sit and 'read' to him. He's in the very early stages of learning how to read, which is amazing, and has recently taken an interest in art and drawing.


Sarah said...

I can almost here Van rocking out on his guitar in that picture.

Ron said...

What a great collection of memories you are making with your photos.