Thursday, November 15, 2012


My birthday is a week away, on Thanksgiving actually, and this is a shameless (or maybe it should be shameful) post for Spencer.
 A cross-body bag or clutch.
Floor pouf.
 A new wishbone necklace. (Etsy)
 iPhone case.
 Trampa door-mat. (IKEA)
 Billy Balls. (Etsy)
 20x20 Ribba Frame. (IKEA)
 Canvas print.
 A new pair of TOMS.
 A new bra.
 Fun tights.
 Rice Krispie Treats Cereal.

A succulent for my little, pink pot.


mary elizabeth said...

i will take one of each!

and man oh man -- rice crispee treat cereal was the best!!

i {heart} hawkes said...

i've never seen that cereal, where did you have it? also, what happened to the wish bone necklace that you had?

AJ said...

I want her boobs for my birthday.

AJ said...

Also, I had that pouf in grey and it busted in 2 days. Keep your receipt. The filling went everywhere.

Sharon said...

you are a smart lady. gotta tell them exactly what you want or you don't get it!
@ AJ- you are hilarious!

Ron said...

Ashley, did you get any of your wish list filled?

Ashley said...

Ron, I did!

Spencer gave me the necklace and phone cover.

My parents gave me the shoes.

And my friends gave me some tights.

I'm a lucky girl!