Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Birthday Party

With Spencer being out of town for most of the month of July, we decided to celebrate his and Van's birthdays together once he was home. Lucky for us Spencer's parents, two of his sisters, and two cousins happened to be in town visiting from Canada. Their presence, along with those family members who live here locally, helped make the party a grand affair.
Van wasn't feeling quite himself due to an outbreak of hives that occurred the previous morning. (He had an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he had been taking for an ear infection). The itchiness, coupled with some heavy doses of Benadryl, were the reasons for his solemness.
Guests filled up on milk and doughnuts, Rice Krispie Treat squares, cake, and banana pops. I first saw the idea for the create-your-own banana pops on Pinterest via Bakers Royale.
For the game, I created a punch box out of a white corrugated display board. The original idea for the game also came from Pinterest via Celebrate the Big and Small. The punch box was easy to make and the kids loved it.
For weeks Van had been asking for a bow and arrow, just like his uncle Nick's. Spencer and I were a little unsure whether or not he was ready for one. However, on the day of his actual birthday, he kept mentioning the bow and arrow, wondering where his bow and arrow was. So when we were out shopping and saw a Nerf-type one at Smith's Market Place, we knew we had to get it.
Thanks to all who helped celebrate with us and generously brought gifts for Van. He certainly was spoiled. And a very special thanks to my wonderful parents who always, so willing, give of their home and time to help me throw these types of events.


Ardie said...

It looks like I missed another awesome party.

Sarah said...

Poor Van. It's not nice to feel sick at your own party.