Monday, June 18, 2012

Jessica's Bridal Shower

My youngest brother, Nick, is getting married at the end of this month. A couple weeks ago we hosted a bridal shower for his bride-to-be, Jessica. "Eat, drink and be married" was the initial concept for the shower. Each circled silhouette represented a part of the theme. As guests arrived they were asked to write down something nice about the bride-to-be and attach it to the pin board. My sister, Angie, used her Cricut to make the tags.
The menu included quiche, caprese skewers, roasted rosemary potatoes, croissants, and fruit. My super talented sister-in-law, Amanda, made a tiered bundt cake to top it all off. I used this tutorial to make the fringy streamers. They were super easy (and cheap)!
To learn more about the bride and groom we played a round of love bingo. Each player received a bingo board, paddle, and candy chips. Little bits of trivia, with corresponding numbers, were read out loud and each player had to raise their paddle to indicate whom the statement was about. If they were correct, a chip could be placed on their bingo board.
For the favors, we purchased macaroons from Harmon's bakery and wrapped them up in cellophane bags. I printed the thank you stickers out on full sheet label paper and used them to seal of the package.
We are all super happy for Nick and can't wait to make Jessica an official member of the family on June 29th!