Saturday, October 15, 2011


Any suggestions on how to get my stubborn (and persistent) eight month old to stop waking for his four o'clock feeding? I've tried for over a week now and he just won't give in; he cries and cries. This has been his only feeding since he was six weeks old and I swear it's just habitual now. Help!


Christina said...

See how long it takes him to nurse on each side- then reduce the time by 1 minute every 3 days.

So if it's usually 10 minutes then it would be 9 3 days later then 8 etc. Usually by 4 minutes they'll start skipping it.

Or you could try waking him up earlier- like midnight to feed him and hope he sleeps through the next feeding.

Good luck!

Tracy said...

I have no idea! We just let Colette cry it out and it was horrible and heart-breaking and I hated it. But, eventually, she gave up. I don't recommend that method though.