Monday, September 5, 2011

Bridal Shower

My brother, Tony, is getting married this Saturday. Here are some pictures from the shower I helped put together for his bride-to-be, Amanda. I created the invitations to match the colors of the accordion lanterns Abbie let me borrow, and the rest of the preparations sort of just fell into place. On the menu; mini powered donuts, raspberry scones, deviled eggs, bacon tartlets, apple bars, orange rolls, veggie pizza and fruit kebabs.

For activities, we played the How Old Are You? Game and a Couple's Pop Quiz. For the game, photographs of Amanda were displayed and guests wrote down their guess as to how old she was in each picture. For the quiz, Tony was filmed answering a series of random questions pertaining to their relationship. Custom quiz cards were handed out with the questions and the guests would guess whether they thought the bride would get the answer right or not. Watching Amanda try to guess Tony's response was definitely the highlight of the event.

Lastly, for the favors, my sister Angie made vanilla, almond, and chocolate pizzelles. We stuffed them into brown cookie bags I picked up from the bakery counter at Harmons and polished them off with some coordinating thank you labels. All in all it was a great time and I was happy to help see Amanda off on this new chapter in her life!

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