Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter - Part I

Easter was a lot of fun this year with Van. He was a little bit nervous about the idea of a big bunny rabbit coming to our house in the middle of the night, but once he saw the great loot that was left his worries were gone. I tried to do a minimal amount of candy since I new he would be getting some at his grandparents. Heather, from The Coterie, had the great idea of filling plastic eggs with stickers, dinosaur capsules, and other trinkets. Van also got some new Crocs, paint, a basil plant, Silly Putty, and squirt guns.


Sharon said...

brilliant minimizing the junk. just another thing i will copy from you. those two little boys are sooooooooo cute!

Hartley Family said...

SUPER DUPER cute kids and love their Easter outfits. So cute!