Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Party

I put together a little St. Patrick's Day Party for Van and his friends. It included lunch, a craft and game, cookies, and a treasure hunt.For the craft the kids made their own leprechaun puppet.
I was inspired by this cut-out and made a giant leprechaun for a ball toss game.
After lunch the kids were able to frost and decorate shamrock cookies; more frosting ended up in their mouths than on the cookies.
Before the kids all went home they were sent on a treasure hunt to find their goodie bags. They had to follow a trail of gold coins that led them to the leprechaun's pot.
Judging by the good time had by all, I think it's safe to say the party was a success.


Sharon said...

so fun! you should be a party planner. greta's birthday is next month. you should come up and throw it for me. :)
AND... didn't you just have a baby. how do you find the time or energy to be so amazing?

Kate said...

we loved that party!
you and gus totally match in those pictures.