Thursday, November 11, 2010


Why is it that the drivers in Utah hate to let people in?


Lep said...

I have thought a lot about this and here's my opinion. Twice a week I drive west on 800 South in Orem to pick up my carpool buddy. I have to turn right on State Street to pick her up. The right hand turn lane is hella long so drivers can get over way early but most choose not to. Rather, they drive past the long line of cars and attempt to get in the lane in front of the buttload of us who have been waiting to turn. State Street is so busy that you can basically only turn right on green and I have sat there for 3 full lights before I finally get my chance to turn. Meanwhile, 20+ cars have butt in front of us simply by turning on their blinker at the last minute, stopping westbound traffic until someone lets them in. I'm not gonna lie, it totally pisses me off and I am one of those jerks who refuses to let people in. I am as bad as the late-turners but it is my little bit of control so I do it. I know not every situation amounts to a defense like this but maybe we Utahns are just sick of being driven all over.

Ashley said...

Today I was heading north on I-15 in the right hand lane. The lane soon turned into an 'exit only' lane, so I signaled to get over. I had plenty of room on my initial blind spot check, but when I checked again, the suburban who was in that lane had floored it just so that I couldn't get in front of him. Seriously man, you would rather make some one take an exit off the freeway than let them get over?

In regards to your situation Lep, I would have to agree. Line butters are not cool.