Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today my lesson in church was about creating an uplifting environment. There was a quote from Bruce R. McConkie, found in Mormon Doctrine, in which he states we are to "create for [our]selves and [our] families the most wholesome and edifying environment possible." He continues to say that we are to "rise above every environmental situation that may be encountered."

A few days ago I saw this video and felt that it was the perfect way of tying in the topic of creating an uplifting environment, with mother's day. Stephanie is a perfect example of how we as women, can recognize our divine role as mothers and create a beautiful, uplifting environment for our children.


Abbie said...

I really enjoyed your lesson today. I thought it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a great message with the girls

AJ said...

Sounds like an amazing lesson. Wish I was there to hear. Really enjoyed this video as well.