Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Jill said...

YOur little guy is so cute -- I found your blog by googling baby acne and saw pics of Van w/ bad acne when he was a baby. My newborn has severe acne too. I was wondering if you treated it w/ anything, or did it just go away? I noticed that your son's seemed to go away in a few weeks. Sorry to post here! If you could email me at jilljwilliams@hotmail.com I would be forever grateful. Thank you!! Again, what a cutie :)

Christina said...

You guys look like you have been BUSY!

Eric, Vayana and Bryant said...

I don't know if you guys remember me (Vayana from Tahiti, we all met at Byuh). Anyways I found your blog but I have been offline for a while. I just saw that you guys have a very cute boy. Can't believe we are all parents now when it seem just yesterday we were just having a good time at Byuh as single students :) I just wanted to say hi. Take care.