Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Weekend in Portland

Van and I accompanied Spencer on his trip to Portland this past weekend. We had a good time discovering new portions of the city, like the Pearl District and SE Clinton Street.While Spencer was working on Friday, Van and I did some shopping. I found some great things at Finnegan's and Canoe. That night Spencer and I were able to go to Keller Auditorium and see Wicked.Saturday morning we went to Broder, a Swedish cafe. The food was delicious and the atmosphere lovely. In the afternoon we stopped by the Ace Hotel to use the photo booth and ended the day by picking up some VooDoo doughnuts.


Leslie said...

oh man. i have wanted to stay at the ace hotel. i just need to not be a poor student...looks like a fun trip! have you guys started training? ugh. see you soon-ish.

AJ said...

beyond your belief, that place looks better than when we went.

i {heart} hawkes said...

being an electrician's wife that plug shot makes me nervous. looks like you had fun.