Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Now that Van is crawling more effectively he thinks he can go anywhere and do anything. However, he has no concept of empty space or gravity. I have found him crawling into the fireplace, climbing into his car seat, maneuvering over his Bumbo in an attempt to scale the bookcase, climbing into the laundry basket, and pulling himself up on the couch. Just yesterday I caught him in standing position, hanging onto the window curtain trying to get out of his co-sleeper.


Melissa said...

looks like you have your hands full already! let me know if you need a number for a early crawlers support group. :) I can only girls have both been slow at their milestones!

Leslie said...

I love that first picture. Totally busted. See you guys tomorrow...can't wait!

i {heart} hawkes said...

yeah, now you really have to start watching him...all...the...time! love the video too.